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Benefits for New Zealand Enterprises Investing in Outsourced Expertise

New Zealand businesses should approach the subject of outsourced expertise as an opportunity rather than a risk. There is always a concern that owners and managers are releasing a degree of control over their valued asset, but there are moments where their intervention will be welcomed. Organisations at all levels local, national and international can only achieve so much before outside assistance is required to take the enterprise to another level.

Great strides have been made in development, manufacturing, finance, retail, hospitality, sports, agriculture and other fields with a degree of strategic outsourcing in New Zealand. If it is applied in the right department at the right time, the dividends will be long lasting and give the venture a chance to grow into new markets.

The most outstanding benefit that is in play for New Zealand brands embracing outsourced expertise is that they can invest more attention and resources to other divisions. Whether this assistance is delivered in the form of HR, PR, marketing, sales, engineering, accounting or supply chain management, the hierarchy of a company know that they have a team of experts handling one key department. Suddenly there is more time, money and labour to engage these other domains of the organisation.

Air New Zealand is a case study that illustrates how outsourced expertise can be used strategically to save on costs. With call centres that are run by other outlets, the domestic enterprise has managed to expand its operations without being tied down to an in-house department for their customer service requirements. This helps to reduce risk on a financial front if there is an economic downturn or resources have to quickly be diverted to other locations. With flexible term agreements that are drafted in line with certain key performance indicators (KPIs), Air New Zealand can achieve a first-class customer service framework without blowing costs.

The good news for those New Zealand outlets that do opt for outsourced expertise is that they can pick and choose their field of expertise, their contractual length, their footprint on the business and other key components. That level of versatility becomes an attractive proposition for companies that want to maintain that control and jump on new opportunities down the line. This is particularly the case for a product provider or courier partner who suddenly finds themselves in financial difficulty where performance levels drop.

Boosting productivity can be considered something of a buzzword in commercial circles, but it will boil down to the output that is generated by those working in the New Zealand business entity. Deciding to partner with outsourced expertise allows the enterprise to achieve these goals. It might increase production of a commodity, close more sales, engage more clients or create more content for subscribers.

The improvement in intellectual property becomes a key selling point for New Zealand companies looking to introduce outsourced expertise. A business cannot know everything about the field and will be limited by the experiences and education of their current staff members. Investing in outside assistance allows that expertise to pass on from them to the direct participants. They will pick up on techniques and methods that improve their personal standing and the performance of the organisation.

There are clearly some operational frameworks that do not and will not require outsourced expertise to intervene for a New Zealand business. However, there is enough evidence to suggest that this level of investment in the right departments will be fruitful for the venture moving forward. It will be a fine balance to strike to ensure a successful brand culture is developed and maintained without relying on short-term contractual agreements, but they will be able to fill valuable roles as the enterprise expands organically.

Phoebe Stevens
Phoebe Stevens
Phoebe Stevens comes from a family background in media, with her father being a correspondent on local news networks. She followed the family tradition and has written for many different publications on a range of topics and always delivers the facts to her readers.
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