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Building a Plan for a Career in Broadcasting

Youngsters who want to get their foot in the door with broadcasting can hope that a position falls in their lap, but it rarely pans out that way. Without doing the hard work necessary behind the scenes, prospective employers will bypass those in favour for other candidates who have done their due diligence.

To be successful in this domain, it is important to build a plan that will upgrade the personal profile, give individuals the tools to make it happen and open doors that would otherwise remain closed.

The title of ‘broadcasting; incorporates a range of different roles within a new organisation. From being a news anchor for television or radio to working as a studio engineer, producer or within the programming department, there are roles in front of the camera and behind the scenes that are on offer.

Those who really understand their career trajectory in this instance will also develop a skill for operating within a certain domain of the news business. From hard hitting reporting at the scene to business news, sports, weather or fashion and entertainment, it is beneficial to improve on a craft before being open to other fields of journalism.

The nature of the education is where participants make great strides with their broadcasting career. Improving the CV with a Bachelor’s or Masters Degree in broadcast journalism takes a candidate to the next level. Following this theory and applying it in practice for tests and assignments will demonstrate a level of expertise that is attractive to managers in the business.

Internships might feel like a very junior position to take with broadcasting, but this is a great way to forge a career path in the industry. Entry-level positions offer an opportunity for those to get their foot in the door and see these practitioners working up close in high-pressure environments.

It will affirm certain perceptions and challenge others about how the news is packaged and sent out to viewers, readers and listeners alike. This is the best space build relationships with people in the business, creating a mentor and mentee connection where they can offer guidance throughout every stage of the process.

Being savvy with digital applications is where new professionals have an edge in the world of broadcasting. This will extend beyond computer literacy and venture into live streaming on social media, production of regular content, follower engagement and diversifying between handheld devices and more static outlets like desktops and laptops.

Creating a thriving online profile is half of the battle for those that want to showcase their digital skills before they have even taken the interview. The best candidates will demonstrate this prowess with their own website and social media presence. It will detail interview grabs on video, on podcast and in written form. It will show reporting on key issues and allow for others to easily consume this content.

For men and women who are eager to venture forward with their broadcasting career, they have to be aggressive in pursuing positions and expanding their boundaries. It might be outside of the city or town they are based, but it will offer real insights into how a regional or metropolitan community communicates the news to their local constituents.

Young participants might be anxious about approaching broadcasting because they have been told how competitive the field is. Whether it is at a local, national or international level, professionals just need to clarify for themselves whether or not they have the skills and the drive to make this career happen. If they have both of those components, then it is only a matter of time.

Claire Morgan
Claire Morgan
Claire Morgan is an experienced recruiter who has helped a lot of people get their start in rewarding careers. Claire genuinely likes to see people succeed and relish what they do for a living, which what motivates her to write about career advancement.
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