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How to Get Rid of Your Unwanted Stuff and Make Money

It’s easy to buy a bunch of stuff, jam it into every crevice of your home over the years, and quickly run out of room for things you actually need. That’s why spring cleaning is such a big trend pretty much everywhere.

Should be chucking all that extra stuff to the curb, though? Isn’t there a way you can make money off it and get some of your investment back?

Actually, there is. Let’s talk about it.

Use an Online User-Based Market

An online user-based market is a platform that allows anyone to sell pretty much anything. Some of these platforms charge a fee for every listing, some are free, and some take a commission from each sale, but pretty much all of them are great places to sell your old stuff to someone who will appreciate it.

So, start by researching some user-based markets that cater to people in your area or allow for long-distance sales. We recommend Shopless. Shopless lets you make an account in minutes, and every listing is completely free to post.

Once you’ve found your preferred platform, you’re ready to get started.

Make a Seller’s Account

Regardless of what platform you use, you’ll need to make a seller’s account. This will include your information, a way for the platform to give you the funds from your sales, and other things that are crucial if you actually want to sell anything.

Take your time on this step, because simple mistakes might cause problems with your transactions down the road.

Prepare Your First Listing

Every item you sell should be listed separately. So, let’s cover the first one.

You’ll want to take a few preparation steps before you list anything.

  • Take high-quality photos that show the product in its entirety.
  • Brainstorm your product description and ensure you have all the info buyers may need.
  • Ensure that you have any accessories that go with the product, or be ready to disclose if something is missing.

List It

Now, you’re ready to get started. The exact process will be different for every platform, but it’s generally the same type of steps.

Navigate to the “create listing” option and click it. Once you confirm that you want to create a listing, start adding the photos you took, typing out your product description, and everything else the listing allows you to do.

It’s important to take your time on this. Use titles and descriptions that get to the point and give buyers the information they need clearly. Make sure your photographs are as clear as possible and don’t leave any fields blank if possible. You want the listing to look as professional as possible.

Market It

You probably didn’t expect to have to pretend to be a marketer for this, but it helps. Once you have a listing posted, copy the URL to your listing and post it on any social media accounts you have. This will ensure that people see your listing, and it’s entirely free.

Respond to Queries and Make the Sale

Finally, you should start receiving messages from potential buyers, or you may sell the product outright. Make sure you check your account frequently to ensure you don’t miss out on a sale by not responding quickly enough. Also, once a person has made a purchase, you need to ship it out as soon as possible to ensure you get the product to them in a reasonable time.

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