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How Young Professionals Can Become Independent On Their Career Path

Young professionals can be independent in the 21st century. Innovations in digital technology have made that possible. If the objective is to be flexible and adaptable in the working environment, then individuals need to follow a set of sound principles. Being tied to a single employer can be a risky venture in an uncertain economy, but people must have the tools to stay ahead of the curve.

One of the hardest lessons that young professionals need to understand is that reaching for the sky is too big a leap from a standing start. Ambition is a key ingredient for individuals to have in their profession, but participants have to be strategic and grounded with their approach at the initial planning stage. Short of a massive cash injection, workers need to apply for jobs that they have skills with and market themselves to clients and employers who will benefit from that intervention. Trying to become the next Elon Musk or Mark Cuban cannot be achieved in a matter of weeks or months without that initial understanding.

Another difficult concept is grasp is the experience of rejection and setbacks. Young operators who want to get their name out there are not always well versed in accepting this news or being on the end of criticism, whether it is even well intended or constructive by nature. Take note of feedback, ask for areas of improvement and keep lines of communication open for opportunities that open up down the line.

Building a professional profile online is where young professionals essentially establish their own plan. Whether they are looking to engage with operators domestically in New Zealand or venture out to overseas employers, having a sustained digital presence can break down a lot of barriers. This should incorporate a LinkedIn profile to allow prospective networks to shortlist candidates. It can also feature a personal website that includes links to previous work and blog writing that demonstrates an understanding of a particular niche.

That niche is a key talking point for young professionals who cannot be all things to all people. By establishing a target market of expertise, suddenly the path becomes clear for prospective employers, business partners or developing a concept for a startup as an owner or sole contracting service. It could be within the domain of IT, software development, sales, journalism, research, manufacturing, accounting, social media management, consultancy, content creation, public relations, website development or another profile altogether.

Being self-critical is a skill that is not too evident with young or old professionals. Having an ego and drive means that individuals will often venture forward in hope or expectation, rarely stopping to consider if they have done their research, know the task that is at hand and if they present themselves to others in the right fashion. Taking note of past mistakes is how people grow, whether that is in a commercial capacity or socially.

Enjoying a reputation of reliability and professionalism is where young participants can really succeed in the commercial sector. Employers will be far more forgiving of men and women who apply themselves 100% of the time than those who arrive with a higher IQ but fail to incorporate themselves into the company culture. Hard work and effort won’t excuse every error or open every door, but it will separate those who are committed to the task.

Young professionals will finally be on the path to independence when they do not rely on outside assistance. For those who rely on colleagues, mentors, friends or family members to undertake key tasks, they will always be held back. It can be something as important as learning the mechanisms for website development for ongoing projects to having a set of clothes washed and ironed for the week. Whatever the case may be, workers have to be as comfortable away on assignment as they are operating from their living room if they want to grab each and every opportunity.

Claire Morgan
Claire Morgan
Claire Morgan is an experienced recruiter who has helped a lot of people get their start in rewarding careers. Claire genuinely likes to see people succeed and relish what they do for a living, which what motivates her to write about career advancement.
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