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Tips for Young Kiwis Researching The Home Loan Market

Couples who are assessing the home loan market in New Zealand have a number of avenues at their disposal. From specialists in the field who study the numbers to referrals from friends and family in their area, this is an exciting time to grab an investment that will prove beneficial for decades to come. While luck and instinct do play a role, it is through selected research activities where the real value is identified for buyers in this environment.

Young Kiwi couples need to understand how banks work within the home loan market before they can confidently progress with the process. Ultimately they are assessing the amount of debt that citizens have to their name as well as their ability to pay back the loan. It will be a comprehensive examination that takes stock of student loans, credit card debt, personal loans and other significant expenses that could hamper the person’s ability to meet those financial obligations.

The second key step for community members in this situation is to scour the New Zealand property market for locations that fit their profile and their objectives. For many it will just be a case of meeting their mark for standard of living. Others will want to ensure that there is sufficient sell-on value. Certain couples will be strategic regarding low vacancy or renovation capacity. If it is purely an investment vehicle rather than a home for life, then that will help to differentiate between the listings.

Taking note of the home loan market requires clients to research the types of agreements that are available to them. Banks will have a degree of flexibility in this regard depending on the valuation of the property and the financial status of the buyer. This can incorporate conforming and non-conforming loans, fixed-rate mortgages, adjustable-rate mortgages and even government-insured mortgages in some cases.

Young Kiwis have the opportunity to assess the home loan market without too much outside intervention when they are researching the viability of certain properties. There are four key elements at play that will allow clients to have a basic understanding of its currency to them at the time. This will incorporate the loan amount, the loan period, the interest rate and outstanding extra payments. Individuals then have a chance to calculate the principal and the interest, leading them to a figure that will be enticing as a package or price them out of the market at that time.

Incorporating the essential costs involved in the home loan market will allow young Kiwis to actually establish an operating budget. Once they sit down and recognise that a deposit, loan application, stamp duty, legal fees, valuations fees and consulting from conveyance representatives are part of the package, participants can calculate their investment size. Of course there will be a variety of ongoing costs once a property is secured such as land tax, council rates and potential building developments, but acquiring the home will be priority number one at this phase of the project.

Identifying the right type of professional consultant is fundamental to assessing the home loan market for young Kiwis. There will be a large portion who are happy to work with a trusted real estate agent in their area, allowing them to set the research agenda and point the couple in the right direction. Yet there are financial advisors and conveyance specialists who can cover the legalities as well as the structure and access of the loan itself.

Young Kiwis are making a big step forward in the right direction when they decide to invest with the home loan market. To really take advantage of these prices however, it is fundamental to undertake research endeavours to pick out what types of loans work, what will prove value for money and what type of professionals are worth consulting with.

Nathan Whitford
Nathan Whitford
Nathan Whitford has founded a variety of startup businesses and knows firsthand the measure of a good entrepreneur. He likes to write about research, businesses, influential entrepreneurs and translate their insights for the benefit of his entrepreneurial readers, no matter what kind of business they want to start.
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