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Award Winning Business Xcel-Arc Continues to Reach New Heights

When businesses continue to demonstrate their excellence and value to the community, it is always an honourable moment when they are recognised for their many achievements. The Trade Zone Awards is a prestigious event in which these treasured businesses are able to receive this recognition for their work. One business that has been highly decorated at the 2021 Trade Zone Awards (and Trade Zone Awards of the previous years) is Xcel-Arc. As one of the most renowned welding businesses in New Zealand, their continued innovation has more than earned them their spot in the many categories that they were successful in winning this year.

Award Winning Business Xcel-Arc

Xcel-Arc’s reputation has been steadily built over their years of service. Welding is an extremely important industry, particularly as new technologies continue to develop over the years. Welding involves joining metallic parts together with special, high-intensity heat tools. It is used in a wide range of industries and for a variety of products such as cars, construction items, railroad products, aerospace products, and more. The welding products provided by Xcel-Arc are state of the art and have revolutionised the way that the welding industry is able to operate. The decades of experience and dedication that they have demonstrated in the welding community is the key reason why they have been so successful at this year’s Trade Zone Awards.

The team at Xcel-Arc continue to innovate ways to improve the welding industry. They understand just how much our modern society relies on what they do and strive to ensure that they provide only the best services. As a team of reputable and trained electronic engineers, they have valuable knowledge on the advancements that are necessary for the industry. Their experience is crucial to the operation of the business as they can advise on aspects such as arc characteristics and performance, and the usability of the products. The manufacturing team execute the creation of this equipment with skill and precision, providing state of the art products for affordable prices.

Xcel-Arc is made up of professionals from Australia, China, and New Zealand. The welding products that this team produce have proven to perform to the highest standard. Customers are continuously satisfied by how dependable they are and how effectively they perform welding services. Lead by general manager Jeff Jones, the team work towards optimising the technology as much as possible to be as safe, reliable, and usable as possible. Their range includes a selection of Tig, Mig, Plasma cutters, Arc, and Spot welding products. All of their devices adhere to Australian-New Zealand market quality.

For Xcel-Arc, the nominations at the Trade Zone Awards keep coming every year. Each and every year, they have been taking home a number of the Trade Zone Awards. 2021 has been no exception. Throughout the year, they have continued to work hard and are now reaping the rewards of their efforts. At the 2021 Trade Zone Awards, Xcel- Arc achieved the following:

  • Supreme Supplier of the Year 2021
  • Supplier of the Year for Marketing & Promotion
  • Supplier of the Year for Sales
  • Supplier of the Year for Customer Service
  • Finalist – Supplier of the Year for Logistics & Operations

This is a huge number of achievements for the company and pays to tribute to just how integral their work has been to the welding industry. As a supplier, they are highly valued for their exemplary products and the dedication that they show to outstanding customer service.

Xcel-Arc has received awards from the Trade Zone Awards each and every year since 2015. While some companies win one award and believe this to be enough, Xcel-Arc continue to go above and beyond to consistently prove their professionalism and passion. 2021 has been one of their most successful years yet at the Trade Zone Awards and there is no doubt that this will only motivate them to push further.

It is clear that Xcel-Arc have a great passion for what they do as a company and what is even better is that this passion is clearly paying off and making a difference in the world. Being recognised by your peers with even one award is a huge achievement. For Xcel-Arc to win multiple each year is a testament to their hard work and its benefits. The team continue to shape the welding industry with their range of cutting edge tools and have proved their abilities time and time again through not only the awards they win, but the satisfaction of their customer base.

Ethan White
Ethan White
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