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How Brands Use PR Outsourcing to Influence Their Media Image

PR agencies are well placed to allow brands to massage their media profile. From NBA stars and hip-hop artists to multinational enterprises and domestic retailers, each client has an agenda at play that they want to promote and manipulate. In an ideal world, this is a project that would be run in-house, but there are benefits for utilizing the expertise of outside sources who can run these programs on their behalf.

Although there is a degree of cynicism from the public about this exercise, there can be big stakes involved for those who do master their public relations responsibilities. It can increase jobs for participants and ensure that the potential of a business, an organization or a public figure can be realized.

Keeping on top of costs is a key factor that points to the use of these practitioners. The price of investment for an in-house media apparatuses can be a major barrier that prevents them from developing a coherent brand strategy. There are examples where this type of control has been enjoyed with the likes of Sean Combs and Facebook creating a media enterprise. Yet it is a more affordable exercise for outlets to use outside assistance on flexible contract terms, reducing their financial exposure in the process.

Maintaining editorial control is where brands really find an advantage with outsourcing their media division. Without allowing other newspapers, websites, bloggers, vloggers and broadcasters to set the agenda by reacting to events, the use of PR specialists allow the client to establish the topic of conversation and the image. It is considered a proactive move for those that know the value of media control.

Objective insights and analysis is on the table for those brands that want to partner with a media specialist. PR agencies will run their eye over the performance of the brand and survey constituents to see where the truth lies and what can be done to improve their standing. It is not a practice designed to massage egos or only focus on the positives, but to achieve an independent assessment that paves the way for real growth with the business or the public figure.

PR specialists already have the media connections in place to help change or amplify a branded message to the masses. Instead of a celebrity or corporate entity needing to build these relationships from scratch, they will already have a wheelhouse of reporters, journalists, broadcasters, social media influencers and corporate partners to work with in this space.

Time management becomes a focus for those brands that want to get on top of their media duties. Deciding to run an in-house operation requires resources to hire those operators and develop a program that improves the standing of the individual or the business. By opting for an outsourced interest, they already arrive with the skillset to deliver on the objectives. Clients avoid the red tape and confusion that can sink an enterprise because of a lack of time management.

Eventually the savvy brands that take note of these outsourced media specialists will understand their practices and methods, gaining valuable intellectual property in the process. It is a great way for people to be educated on the subject, seeing these PR workers up close while they are operating under pressure and within a deadline setting.

Many of the leading brands have leveraged outside PR help before to improve their media standing and they will do so again. By controlling costs, shaping the narrative and working towards a larger outcome, it makes sense to seek assistance from professionals who know the industry inside and out.

Phoebe Stevens
Phoebe Stevens
Phoebe Stevens comes from a family background in media, with her father being a correspondent on local news networks. She followed the family tradition and has written for many different publications on a range of topics and always delivers the facts to her readers.
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