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Russell Herbert Jack, Southland Native, Shares What to See and Do in New Zealand Post-Pandemic

Consisting of two main islands, New Zealand is a beautiful nation in the southwestern Pacific Ocean. To the traveler, New Zealand is soft evening light with a glass of local wine in hand, ancient rock formations, and cruising through glacial fjords on kayaks. To the Lord of the Rings fan, it is paradise. To the person in search of serenity, peace, and quiet, it is quite simply heaven. And even though New Zealand is closed for tourism at this moment, it’s never too early to plan your next adventure! In this article, Russell Herbert Jack, Southland native and yoga instructor, shares his insights on what to see and do in New Zealand once the borders open back up.

On your next trip to New Zealand, there are a few things that you might want to see or do. Here are a few of Russell’s favorite picks.

Hobbit Movie Set

Movie buffs from across the globe are sure to enjoy this fantastic tour. Immerse yourself in middle-earth culture by visiting the set replicated from a number of the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit movies and the renowned Green Dragon Inn. This might just be a mecca to fans of the J.R.R. Tolkien series.

Say “Kia Ora” to Culture in Rotorua

Discover the rich Maori traditions and cultures by immersing yourself in the cultural heart of New Zealand. Rotorua is a stunning location that accurately replicates what life was like for the ancient Maori people. Visitors to the area can enjoy traditional meals, such as the hangi feast. To soak off after the feast, you can head to the nearby thermal hot pools.

Milford Sound

Milford Sound is most famously known for its breathtaking landscape of fjords and waterfalls nestled under snow-capped peaks. Milford Sound has been affectionately termed as the Eighth Wonder of the World, and after kayaking in-between the fjords or flying over them by helicopter, you will understand why it has been given this moniker.

The Bay of Islands

New Zealand is home to 144 islands, a paradise for anyone who enjoys swimming with dolphins, cruising, or sun tanning on beaches. The waters are crystal clear, marine life is abundant, and the potential for relaxation and unwinding is always high.

Ancient Lava Flows

The best way to experience ancient lava flows is to hike the Tongariro Alpine crossing. This 19 km hike takes travelers past perfect emerald lakes and old lava flows. The trail ends at an ancient volcanic crater that is sure to mesmerize.

Attend a Yoga Retreat

New Zealand offers a variety of wonderful yoga retreats in the most beautiful corners of the islands. Enjoy yoga sessions with utterly stunning views to calm your mind and soul. If you are up for a challenge, try stand-up paddleboard yoga!

For movie buffs and nature lovers alike, it is tough to ignore the call of New Zealand. This stunning island nation is sure to leave any traveler pleased with their journey.

About Russell Herbert Jack
Russell Herbert Jack, Southland Yoga Training Founder, is a 25-year-old yoga instructor and mindfulness teacher from Southland, New Zealand. He is passionate about spirituality, the vegan lifestyle, animal rights, and living in sync with nature. Russell specializes in Vinyasa Yoga, Qigong, and guided meditations.

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